19 + years of web development

David Avakian has spent most of his career working in the Satellite Communications industry, mainly with Global Eagle Entertainment GEE, previously known as Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN). He says it has been an amazing experience and also a curse… He learned most of his computer programming in the last 18 years at the company. Most of the projects, if not all, were created for internal departments within the company and others were from external Cruise Line customers.

David created Apps from ground up and also maintained and enhanced others. He was often “used” by his supervisors to “fix” the look and feel of apps created by other developers due to his experience, good eye for detail and his development skills.

In 1999, he was one of two developers hired for a small start up company with 15+ employees called Digital Seas International (DSI) (which was sold to MTN). DSI was the pioneer of the Internet Cafes on Cruise Ships, commercial and oil vessels. David developed the billing solution and front end user experience. Customers included Disney, Norwegian, Carnival, Holland America and Princess Cruise Line to name a few. Initially he developed the platform to include Internet Cafe workstations and then wireless integration and then Apps.

Before software development he created 3D animation for companies like Bayer (TV insert spot), and Pepsi (a bottle washing machine). He worked on television graphics and video editing back when systems were not digital. He uses photoshop almost every day.

All color photos in this website were shot by David Avakian


Hobbies include photography, Jeep and movies

David has a collection of over 16,000 plus photos shot with Canon 40D, as he always jokes, at least 2% are good, 0.5% are great and 0.2% are alright.