Disney Internet Cafe Interface

Disney Cruise Lines Internet Cafe
The following Flash interface was created literally 24 years ago. Don’t judge 🙂
It’s was done with ActionScript and ASP Classic.
to track clicks and call back end processes.

Geek note: One rarely noticeable feature on this interface is that shooting stars show up randomly -from different sides of the top of the screen. This was done by adding a small random generator number to the ActionScript code and then it was applied to the shooting star animation. Similarly, the Mickey character shows up in different positions inside the window (yellow door below) every time your computer mouse pointer goes over it -the character sometimes winks, sometimes it does not, it blinks too, sometimes you’ll see just the ears.
This interface was in every Internet cafe computer on Disney Cruise ships from the year 1999 until it was upgraded to newer technologies.

The following screenshots are from the old Internet Cafes installed in Disney Cruiselines, the rest of Cruiselines had a different look

The Flash interface is no longer available for security reasons. See the Adobe Flash Player EOL (End of Life) General Information Page