Red Tesla Story

My son was blessed by someone with a red Tesla, therefore, I was blessed too.

A friend of a friend heard my son loves a red Tesla and with a simple act of kindness my son was blessed.

Toward the end of 2018, I had the privilege of meeting with an extraordinary group of people in Boca Raton, Florida.

The meeting was to discuss technical and strategic details about the next baseball season for the Miracle League of Palm Beach County (MLPBC).

I was sitting next to Julia, affectionately known as Coach Kadel. Julia is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of MLPBC. We were discussing the registration form I was programming for the site with the back-end SalesForce help of a brilliant man named Dan Paulus. Jeff, Julia’s husband and co-founder of the league, and Stephen Green were also present.

An Obsession that Makes Sense

Coach Kadel asked me about my son. He has been playing in the MLPBC for the last 4 years so she knows him well. He has Autism, and part of his condition is characterized by repetitiveness and obsessions. One of his obsessions is a red Tesla. Not using gas and the advanced tech features just makes sense to him. We visit the Tesla dealership regularly. My son goes in the car, ‘jams’ his music, and picks out all the details he would choose if he could purchase one, it would be red (of course) and it would have a black interior. He is in love with these cars. The employees at the dealership know him by now and if no one needs to be in the car they let him be.
Anyway, I told Julia about the red Tesla obsession and then we went back to business discussing the website.

Shortly thereafter, my wife took our son to his next MLPBC game. 

The Point Behind the Story

What happened at the end of the game is the reason I am writing this post. During the game, coach Kadel told my wife not to leave after the game because she had a surprise for her.

She had talked to her neighbor who owns a red Tesla about our son and the neighbor had agreed to come and give our son a ride in her car! She took him on a long ride and let him ‘jam’ his tunes as loud as he wished! That just made his day! Not only did he get to ride his favorite car, but it was his favorite color too!

Coach Kadel took a small piece of information I had previously shared with her and used it to bless my son with an amazing surprise. That is just a small testament of the heart coach Kadel pours into all the players of the Miracle League. A place where “Every child deserves to play baseball”. That is the sentiment behind the Miracle League. Check them out at MLPBC

In conclusion, it’s always a good idea to listen well and find opportunities to bless others. 

A Quick Story About a Red Tesla

The Miracle League – Every child deserves a chance to play baseball

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